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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: The Story of Foresee Foundation's 4C Initiative

‘Communication’, ‘Collaboration’, ‘Creativity’ and ‘Critical thinking’ are the four pillars that the Foresee Foundation leans on. The Foresee Foundation, also known as the 4C-Foundation, was established in 2013 with a vision to bring 21st century learning to St. Maarten . The four ‘C’s represents the Foundation’s vision and also symbolizes the importance of the skills needed for the 21st century to prepare children, youth and the larger community for a globalized and highly connected world.

Between 2014 and 2017, DigiKidz and DigiTeenz projects were launched by the Foresee Foundation in 5 different primary and secondary schools. It aimed at providing students, teachers and management with the proper infrastructure, tools, and training to make learning and teaching more engaging, beneficial and constructive in a technology driven world. In addition to this project, the foundation helped built a multi-media lab in the St. Maarten public library that offered students, teachers and schools the opportunity to attend courses and workshops that relate to the use of social media platforms and other modern digital learning tools.

Innovation in Action: Foresee Foundation's Impactful Initiatives and Post-Irma Relief Efforts

Through collaborative initiatives , the Foresee Foundation organized two Caribbean Technology & Education Conferences, also known as C-TEC, in 2015 and 2016 with the intentions of having local, regional and international educators collaborate with each other and exchange the use of technology in their current countries and at their current schools.

In 2017, a gaming organization under the name For The Win was established within Foresee by a group of young St. Maarten professionals. They have a passionate vision on how gamification contributes to the business, NGO and education sector. They are eager to share with the community how gamification can positively contribute to further engagement in the St. Maarten community.

With the passing of hurricane Irma in September 2017, the medialab in the library was completely destroyed and some of Foresee’s projects in the schools were also heavily affected. This brought a number of the projects temporarily to a halt and the foundation decided to assist schools, after-school programs, daycare centers with the reconstruction by providing uniforms, playgrounds, financial aid for arts- and cultural classes and playgrounds through it Educational ‘Post-Irma Relief’ and ‘Soualiga’ projects.

Empowering Communities: Foresee Foundation's Impact, Vision, and Community Support

Observing the need for strengthening of the non-profit foundations in the educational and social sector Foresee Foundation initiated the project ‘NPOwer’ in 2018 with the aim to assist and support civic society through capacity strengthening activities.

After the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020 Foresee Foundation decided to bring the St. Maarten community a sense of connection through the island’s heritage and culture in producing an audio series of Caribbean folktales, as retold by St. Maarteners. This program is concerned with those who may be most vulnerable during the period of separation, - the elderly -, who not only may be confined to isolation by social distancing, but who may live alone already. They also are far less likely to engage in social connections online through social media.

This program will be expanded during 2020 and will also reach out to children, youth and the larger community.

The St. Maarten business community was the first group to show interest and confidence in our organization and vision and endorsed Foresee Foundation back in 2013. This paved the way to over US$ 1.7 million in donations for the different projects since 2014. The majority of the funding came from Caribbean based Windsong International Foundation . Additionally considerable amounts were contributed by local UNESCO, private donations, the Dutch Disaster Fund, local service clubs and the business community.

Foresee Foundation is proud to have extremely low overhead costs, avoiding the rent of an office and minimizing personel cost and other expenses. Overall more than 95% of all donations goes directly towards the projects.

-- Foresee Foundation Board and Directors

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