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Since its inception in 2014, DigKidz@St. Maarten, initiated by the Foresee Foundation, has modernized education by providing essential tools and infrastructure for a technology-driven world. Starting as a pilot at Hillside Christian School and expanding to two more schools, the project has benefited over 1,000 students and 100 staff members, transforming classrooms into dynamic learning environments. Supported by local and international funding, including Windsong Trust and community donations, DigKidz continues to inspire curiosity and innovation, shaping a brighter future for St. Maarten's youth.

The DigiKidz Medialab and DigiWorkz

Foresee Foundation spearheaded the establishment of the DigiKidz Medialab at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library in St. Maarten, offering workshops and courses in multimedia and social media to over 2,500 students from 20 different schools by the end of 2017. This initiative empowers youth with skills in cutting-edge technologies like green screens, coding, and photo editing, fostering innovation and creativity. As part of their strategic goals, the DigiWorkz Program aims to enhance youth innovation through projects, maker-labs, and events, supported by grants and partnerships with schools and organizations. Despite interruptions caused by Hurricane Irma, Foresee Foundation remains committed to advancing this program in the coming years.

Caribbean Technology & Education Conference (CTEC)

The Caribbean Technology & Education Conference (CTEC) stands as a flagship initiative of the Foresee Foundation, fostering collaboration among schools, governments, and nonprofit organizations in the education sector since its inception in 2015. With participants ranging from educators to ICT specialists, CTEC facilitates the exchange of innovative concepts and projects, promoting technology-based academic learning. Through hands-on experiences with virtual reality, augmented reality, and more, CTEC's open house day invites students and parents to explore the latest educational technologies, while the conference's expansion to neighboring islands underscores its growing regional impact.

Television and Digital Board Project

The Television Project: In 2017, Foresee Foundation collaborated with Belmond La Samanna in Saint Martin, receiving ninety 42-inch flat screen televisions donated during the resort's refurbishment. These TVs were distributed among 25 schools and nonprofit organizations after being picked up, reinstalled, and equipped with mounting systems.

The Digital Board Project: Through a partnership with PowerUpEDU in Atlanta, Foresee Foundation acquired 23 digital boards from Holy Innocent's Episcopal School. Despite challenges posed by Hurricane Irma, the boards arrived safely in St. Maarten and were successfully installed in four schools, including Milton Peters College and St. Dominic High School, with the assistance of shipping companies and dedicated volunteers.

Caribbean Mini Grant

In 2016, Foresee Foundation launched the Mini-Grant Program to support impactful educational initiatives in the Caribbean region. This program provides resources for small-scale projects designed by schools, community groups, and foundations to positively impact young people in educational settings. Through careful evaluation and due diligence, funding was awarded to three charitable education projects, including support for schools in Haiti and Colombia, as well as a children's science museum in Curacao.

4C Irma Relief for Education

Following Hurricane Irma, the Foresee Foundation dedicated resources to assess and support educational institutions and youth care providers affected by the storm. Fifteen organizations were chosen to receive assistance, including scholarships for afternoon school programs, school uniforms, sports equipment, and IT-related equipment, with support provided in 2018 and 2019.

Player Development

Player Development (PD) collaborates with Foresee Foundation to provide a safe and engaging learning environment for children in need outside of school hours. With a focus on character development and education, PD aims to uplift children by offering activities and educational support. Led by Coach Tom, PD emphasizes the importance of character, courage, and loyalty, instilling valuable life lessons while fostering academic growth and personal development.

Soualiga Micro Grant

Established with a generous donation from a devoted retired couple dedicated to St. Maarten's welfare, this initiative focuses on supporting local educational and social programs. Since 2018, organizations such as the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, Martin Luther King Primary School, and others have benefited from donations, enabling them to undertake various small projects aimed at enhancing the community's well-being.


NPOwer, a community-based project under Foresee Foundation, recognizes the vital role of Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) in St. Maarten. With most NPOs being small-scale entities reliant on volunteers, they require support in capacity strengthening, coordination of initiatives, and assistance with various NPO-related topics. NPOwer aims to address these needs by providing resources, platforms for collaboration, and support services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of local non-profits. Visit for more information on supporting St. Maarten's NPOs.

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