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Foresee Foundation Brings Beloved Soualichi Sint Maarten Folk Tales to the Community – Connecting through Our Culture

Welcome to Soualichi Stories!

The Soualichi Stories series includes our island’s most beloved legends as told by some exceptional Sint Maarten storytellers. The series was initiated during Sint Maarten’s period of social distancing in order to bring the Sint Maarten community a sense of connection through our shared heritage and culture.

Stories can bring us together

“We listen to these stories and we all share in the experience – they bring us close together, at a time when distance keeps us all healthy.” Foresee Foundation President, Jose Sommers

Our Name. The name Soualichi joins together two historical names for our land: Soualiga and Oualichi. Soualiga is a native word meaning land of salt, while Oualichi means land of brave women. By combining this ancient heritage, the project again builds on its theme of connections and unity.


S01:EP01 - One-Tete Lohkay

One-Tete LohkaySoualichi Stories
00:00 / 11:13

S01:EP02 - The Salt Pond Goddess

The Salt Pond GoddessSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 12:46

S01:EP03 - Bro Monkey

Bro MonkeySoualichi Stories
00:00 / 11:41

S01:EP04 - Why Jackspania Waist So Small

Why Jackspania Waist So SmallSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 11:05

S01:EP05 - Nora and the Gut

Nora and the GutSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 12:38

S01:EP06 - Fisherman's Tale of a Sea Cat

Fisherman's Tale of a Sea CatSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 09:35

S01:EP07 - Why Ground Lizard Don't Sleep in Trees

Why Ground Lizard Don't Sleep in TreesSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 07:13

S01:EP08 - Legend of the Walking People

Legend of the Walking PeopleSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 12:54

S01:EP09 - La Jabless

La JablessSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 11:28


Please see our Facebook page for our weekly broadcast lineup!

Project Team:

  • Project Coordinator: Laura Hartman

  • Project Oversight: Foresee Foundation (Jose Sommers: Foresee Foundation General Director and Initiator, Sjorensly Valies: Foresee Foundation President, Cassandra Richardson: Foresee Foundation Liason Director.)

  • Recording: Tim van Dijk, Radio host at Oasis 96.3 and Joshua Bowers, AICON Media

  • Editing: Kevin “Suppa” Petrona, host of Suppa Duppa morning show at Laser 101, Tim van Dijk, Joshua Bowers

  • Storytelling: Papa Umpo, Clara Reyes and others (TBD)

  • Marketing and Communication: Alston Lourens, Marketing Director Foresee Foundation

  • Intros: Kevin “Suppakid” Petrona


Inquiries and to suggest additional St. Maarten folk stories and story tellers: Contact Foresee Foundation and Soualichi Stories Project Coordinator, Laura Hartman.


  • Philipsburg Broadcasting, (Francis Carty, Owner/Director) – Mix 94.7 fm / Laser 101.1 fm

  • Island 92 Radio (Dr. Soc) – 92.5 fm

  • My88 – The My Good Morning Show with Alston & Mizzy – 88.3 fm

  • PJD2 – The Voice of St. Maarten – 102.7 fm

  • Radio St. Martin – 105.5 fm

  • SOS Radio – 95.9 fm

  • SXMGOV – 107.9 fm

  • TuneCarib – TV Carib (online)


S02:EP01 - Crack in Crab Back

Crack in Crab BackSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 14:32

S02:EP02 - Anansi and the Plantains

Anansi and the PlantainsSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 11:13

S02:EP03 - Bro Monkey

The Mullet Bay MermaidsSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 10:51

S02:EP04 - The Magic Red Snapper

The Magic RSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 11:01

S02:EP05 - Ah Say Come

Ah Say ComeSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 14:03

S02:EP06 - Mr. Lalaman

Mr. LalamanSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 14:03

S02:EP07 - Kalani the Fisherman

Kalani the FishermanSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 17:43

S02:EP08 - Master Yaya & Tete

Master Yaya & TeteSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 11:14

S02:EP09 - The Marble Match

The Marble MatchSoualichi Stories
00:00 / 14:00

S02:EP10 - Diamond 26

Diamond 26Soualichi Stories
00:00 / 17:06
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